Monday, April 6, 2015

Archpastoral Visit by His Grace Bishop Peter

Glory to God!

On the fifth Sunday of Great Lent 2015, commemorating our holy mother St. Mary of Egypt, Holy Transfiguration Orthodox Church were blessed to host Bishop Peter, Pastoral Vicar of the Diocese of Chicago and Mid-America, for both his first visit to Peoria and the first-ever archpastoral visit to Peoria by a bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Vladyka was attended by Protodeacon Alexander, his wife Liuba, and their children.  Also serving were parish rector Hieromonk Alexander (Reichert) and Priest Joseph Towne.  Although our space is small Vladyka's own words spoken to me years before rang true again, "Where there is love, there is always enough room."

After the Divine Liturgy, the parish hosted everyone in attendance for lunch at a local establishment, and then to coffee before receiving final blessings from Vladyka prior to his return to Des Plaines.

We are thankful to God for being counted worthy of this historic moment not only for our diocese of the Russian Church, but also for our local community.  The joy of our celebration together still lingers here. 

More photos are available via our Facebook page.

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