Holy Transfiguration Orthodox Church is a self-funded mission.  We do not rely on operating funds from the diocese.  Our primary source of funding comes from the tithes and offerings from our founding family and visitors.  We are “mission” in the sense that we are not yet fully established with a self-sustainable community and permanent facility.  But, we are “parish” in the sense that we are self-funded and voluntarily choose full financial support to our diocese.

God willing, we will establish a full parish church - financially stable, self-sustaining, and with a substantial Orthodox Christian membership to carry it into the future. 

In the spirit of this 'establishing' we are making a general appeal for funds in order to:
  • Increase Public Awareness
  • Increase Priestly Presence
  • Acquire a Building
  • Furnish the Church

Your financial help would be a blessing both for us and for yourself.  It is our common practice to regularly pray for all of the benefactors of our local parish.  Thus, financial contribution to the Orthodox Church can help those who give in a variety of unseen ways.  Through the blessing of Jesus Christ, our Great King and God, anyone who cheerfully chooses to be a part of this effort in doing so will receive even more help in return.

Please participate with us in this work with a one-time or regular financial contribution to Holy Transfiguration Orthodox Mission.

Electronically by phone:
 +1 (309) 282-6755
We accept credit or debit cards

By mail to:
Holy Transfiguration Orthodox Mission
PO Box 3005
Peoria, IL 61612

Thank you for your consideration!  Please pray for us.

- Subdeacon Benjamin, Warden

Additional Details About Our Stated Objectives

Increase Public Awareness
Over the last 2 years we have begun to raise community awareness of our mission.  Social media, electronic communication, and word of mouth have comprised the majority of our efforts.  We were able to generate 200+ visitors to see the Kursk-Root Icon in April, 2014.  With additional funds we would likely arrange more special events to more firmly establish our presence in the minds of the community. 

We are also considering tactically-placed banner advertisement in order to share special greetings with the community during festal periods and should be a joyful way to bring the light and beauty of Orthodoxy to bear in the minds of the public.

Another regular meeting (such as a bible study, catechesis, OCF, or other open-forum discussion) outside of the normal calendar of services is also under consideration.

Increase Priestly Presence
Currently our mission does not have a dedicated priest/rector.  Our current acting rector lives in the Michigan upper peninsula, thus his visits are less frequent due to the expense of travel and the time commitment required. 

Our parish warden, Subdeacon Benjamin, and his family facilitate reader services in the absence of a priest.  This is good, but does not increase the presence and availability of the Holy Mysteries, which is essential not only for our salvation but also for the normal rhythm of life expected in an Orthodox parish.

Therefore, we actively search for a dedicated priest.  This also requires some amount of regular funding in order to bring candidates to Peoria to visit, to relocate him should he and his family decide to serve here, and then to offer him reliable ongoing financial support. 

Acquire a Building
Today we lease a small space in a storefront/office building.  These monthly expenses alone take up half of our monthly income.

Furnish the Church
We also still need furnishings such as: an iconostasis, icons, crosses, altar tables, Gospel book, benches, book shelves, service books, cliros stands, tables, etc.

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